A statement from our CEO on Police Brutality and Racism

Lighthouse was founded to be a beacon of hope in our community for those experiencing poverty, hunger, and homelessness. While people of all backgrounds certainly experience such challenges, the harsh impact of economic disparity on the Black community continues to be dramatically disproportionate. This is not right, and it must change.

In this critical moment, we want to make clear that to meaningfully alleviate poverty we must also fight to end the major causal factor of racism. Instances of horrific police brutality, such as the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, are just one of countless injustices Black Americans have continually faced throughout history — injustices which both blatantly and subtly contribute to the hardships our organization was founded to address.

We stand strongly alongside our Black clients, colleagues, volunteers, donors and neighbors against police brutality, against white supremacy, and against all forms of racism. It is our commitment to continue fighting for an equitable and inclusive world.

Ryan B. Hertz, MSW
Lighthouse President & CEO

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