Meet the Dancers: Luly Del Real

Dancing is more than a hobby for Luly Del Real, it’s a way to spread joy, love and positivity.

Del Real began dancing when she was a child in Mexico. Her passion for Mexican folkloric dance and culture turned into a career. She studied at the world-renowned Institute of Bellas Artes.

After moving to Michigan in 2000 with her husband who had a great job opportunity in the auto industry, the mother of five started two ballets: Joyas de México in 2005 and Matices in 2014. She went on to create Casart Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps the Hispanic community through art.

Del Real, who serves as dance teacher and choreographer, will be joined by five dancers at this year’s Dancing with the Detroit Stars event: Edgar Lopez, Isabella Martinez, Xochitl Vanderplas, Ana Escamilla and Vania Hudson.

The group comes from a variety of backgrounds: some were born in Mexico and others were born in the United States, some are married with kids and others are single, but one common theme they all share is their love of dancing.

“We are people who love, in solidarity, to share the best of us with others and we do it with all our hearts,” said Hudson, who spoke on behalf of the group. “Luly gave us a new and humbling sense of pride to be called Mexicans.”

Because of COVID-19 restrictions on social gatherings, the group has not been able to rehearse together on a regular basis. Reuniting for Dancing with the Detroit Stars marks a significant milestone for the dancers.

“Not even a pandemic can stop our Mexican Ballet from sharing our beautiful dances and culture around the world. We try to stay focused on the things that we do instead of dwelling in the ones we cannot change,” said Hudson. “Dance truly brings incredible joy and happiness to our lives.”

Although competitive dancing is nothing new to the group, taking part in Lighthouse’s virtual event to help the community is extra special. Join us Nov. 21 to see their spectacular performance and so many others. Visit to learn more.

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