Meet the Dancers: Eric Fadie

Podcaster and Flagstar’s Dancing with the Stars dancer Eric Fadie has a penchant for surprising himself. When it comes to his career, he pursued radio, but never thought he’d end up co-hosting a weekly podcast (let alone a podcast called “2 hippies and 1 drunk.”)

“I do the podcast with two other fellow stand-up comic friends,” he says. “We’re about to take it on the road starting January 1 and travel the country in 2022 podcasting and performing stand-up in all 50 states.”

While he says dancing is “way beyond [his] norm or comfort zone,” Eric has been a celebrity dancer two other times. Through those experiences, he was surprised to learn that he enjoys dancing. Now, he’s hard at work on his third routine which will be performed to a Frank Sinatra-style version of his favorite Kesha song.

“In the past I have raised the most funds both times which of course is most important, but I want to WIN for our dance routine,” he says. “I’m very competitive.”

Eric first learned about Lighthouse several years ago when he was doing a podcast episode to raise money for local charities. He’s done several podcast/fundraisers since to benefit Lighthouse and help fight hunger and homelessness in our community.

“I love what they do at Lighthouse so much,” he says. “They are not just trying to offer a quick fix or a band aid, their goal is to get people off the streets. It’s such a great organization. If I didn’t feel that, I wouldn’t be returning for a third time as part of Dancing with the Stars.”

You can catch Eric’s performance during this year’s Flagstar’s Dancing with the Stars virtual event Saturday, November 20.

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