Meet the Dancers: Stacy Bishop

Super savvy steps, creative choreography, unique props, an upbeat song by Will Smith, and a possible “cameo” appearance by a surprise guest, are all part of Stacy Bishop’s star-studded routine for this year’s Flagstar’s Dancing with the Stars. Bishop serves as executive director of the Pontiac Farmer’s Market and owns Bloom Wellness where she works with patients ages 3-83.

“I am a healthy lifestyle advocate and educator,” she says. “My mission is focused on bringing people together to create community and offer experiential wellness education. I use principles of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and nutrition to achieve these goals.”

Stacy first started dancing in kindergarten and continued through high school, taking tap and jazz lessons weekly and performing in annual recitals. “But that was 25+ years ago…” she says.

“I love music and seem to be dancing through my workouts, car rides, meetings and life,” Stacy reveals. “I have taken a handful of ballroom dancing lessons, but I’ve never competed in any kind of dance competition.”

She first learned about Lighthouse through her father (Mr. Alan of “$29 or two for $50” shoes and sportswear fame) and was inspired when she visited our headquarters in Pontiac.

“I really align with Lighthouse because of their holistic approach to being of service,” she says. “I also appreciate the duality of assisting a large number of people while being able to service individual and family needs with tremendous quality. Lastly, the value the organization places on building long-term, meaningful relationships is very important to me. Relationships are a fundamental part of growth.”

You can catch Stacy’s performance during this year’s Flagstar’s Dancing with the Stars virtual event Saturday, November 20.

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  1. VERNITA DUVALL October 28, 2021 at 2:36 pm - Reply

    I will be watching and rooting for you Stacy!! Love you…

    And I don’t care what “they” say…please don’t break a leg…lolol

  2. Alan Bishop October 30, 2021 at 3:25 pm - Reply

    Stacy was a amazing dancer in knee pop buckaroo . So looking forward to her newest venture in dancing. She is a amazing daughter & friend. love you stacy Dad 29 2fer 50 lol.

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