Lighthouse teams up with Amazon to deliver more emergency meals to local families in need.

Amazon is making regular pickups at Lighthouse’s emergency warehouse in Waterford and delivering food directly to the doorsteps of Oakland County residents in need. PONTIAC, Mich. (April 19, 2022) - Lighthouse, a Pontiac-based nonprofit dedicated to building equitable communities that alleviate poverty, is pleased to announce an ongoing partnership with Amazon to [...]

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Meet the Dancers: Jennifer Lucarelli

Her Flagstar Dancing with the Stars costume cost $16 and everything she’s wearing came from local thrift shops. (You’ll understand why when you hear her song.) Jennifer Lucarelli, Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, is excited to show off her sparkly camo and wild patterns during a high-energy dance at this year’s [...]

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Meet the Dancers: Stacy Bishop

Super savvy steps, creative choreography, unique props, an upbeat song by Will Smith, and a possible “cameo” appearance by a surprise guest, are all part of Stacy Bishop’s star-studded routine for this year’s Flagstar’s Dancing with the Stars. Bishop serves as executive director of the Pontiac Farmer’s Market and owns Bloom Wellness [...]

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Meet the Dancers: Eric Fadie

Podcaster and Flagstar’s Dancing with the Stars dancer Eric Fadie has a penchant for surprising himself. When it comes to his career, he pursued radio, but never thought he’d end up co-hosting a weekly podcast (let alone a podcast called “2 hippies and 1 drunk.”) “I do the podcast with two other [...]

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Fighting Food Insecurity Includes Our Furry Friends

Lighthouse partners with Michigan Humane to help local families in need and their pets, too. Food insecurity is on the rise across the country, including right here in Oakland County. Lighthouse has been working nonstop since the COVID-19 pandemic began to expand its food distribution services and meet the needs of [...]

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More than $1 Million Distributed to Help Prevent Evictions in Oakland County

Funds are still available to help local renters who need COVID-19 emergency help. The COVID-19 pandemic hit local families hard and many households are still struggling with basic needs like food, rent and utilities. Lighthouse is partnering with the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) to provide rent and utility assistance through [...]

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