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Christ Church Cranbrook

Christ Church Cranbrook has been involved with Lighthouse for over 30 years! They have been hosting the emergency shelter (when it was in rotation) at South Oakland Shelter for over 30 years and were deeply involved in the PATH program at Lighthouse of Oakland County. They loved both organizations separately and now love working with Lighthouse MI after the merger.

Their congregation initially got involved because they are called to love thy neighbor and they needed and wanted to be involved in these programs as much as they could to help provide for those who are lacking basic necessities that everyone deserved.

“The SOS rotational program was so profound,” shared Pastor Manisha Dosert, Senior Associate Rector at Christ Church Cranbrook and Lighthouse Board Member, “I actually have been involved in the rotational program since 2005 (from St. Stephens Episcopal Church). The shelter week just blows my mind. It’s such an honor to be involved in 30-some individuals’ lives in such an extraordinary way. It’s quite holy and intimate. I get to watch my fellow brothers and sisters in the church respond and see the best in them.”

According to Pastor Dosert, the members loved their host week in the fall each year. The week is really important to everyone and they enjoy the powerful work they get to do during that time, including provide meals, provide fellowship, drive clients to work and school, and more.
When the pandemic hit and Lighthouse was forced to stop the rotating model for the safety of guests and volunteers, Christ Church Cranbrook still took their host week very seriously and found a way to provide meals, even while their kitchen was under construction. Getting a note from a client thanking them and telling them they loved the food was amazing for their whole group. They made a huge difference during a very difficult time.
When their week in 2021 came around, they were prepared and had so much fun helping at the motel where Lighthouse’s shelter was being hosted. Even though the shelter had tripled in size, their team stepped in to help! They knocked on client’s doors to drop off meals, lunch kits, and water, and got to know some of the families and hear their powerful stories. They created opportunities for folks to get involved in the process in different ways, including donating items from an Amazon Wish List, creating hygiene kits for clients, and more. They even hosted a pizza carnival for the families and created a duck pond game that had prizes for the kids.

Christ Church Cranbrook has been an amazing supporter of Lighthouse through the years. In addition to their impactful work with our emergency shelter, they also support financially, adopt families around the holidays, volunteer at our food distribution center, and more.
Christ Church Cranbrook has been doing work in their community for 91 years. They feel it’s important to give back because everyone is the responsibility of everyone and they are called to care for others. They do not see it as giving back to the community, but just being the community.

“We are immensely grateful for the staff at Lighthouse,” Pastor Dosert shared, “What Lighthouse kept doing during the pandemic – it was the beacon in the storm. We were all so overwhelmed and it was easy to become internally focused, but Lighthouse kept our eyes open and made sure we were paying attention to all of our neighbors. I’m so grateful for that.”

Lighthouse is incredible thankful to Pastor Manisha Dosert and everyone at Christ Church Cranbrook for their dedication to our organization and the clients we serve. Their work makes a huge difference in our community and we are grateful to have generous and caring supporters like Christ Church Cranbrook.