Give Directly, See Your Impact

When you give through HandUp, your donation goes directly to the cause. Know your impact and get total transparency through our partner nonprofits who serve those experiencing poverty. Check out the website today!

Every donation, small or large, can have a huge impact on a person’s life.


HandUp was created to use technology and the power of human relationships to fight poverty and is now part of Lighthouse’s mission to build equitable communities and alleviate poverty.

How it Started

HandUp was originally founded in August 2013 in San Francisco by Rose Broome, Sammie Rayner, and Zac Witte. The idea started as a simple side project focused on doing something positive about visible street homelessness in San Francisco. With the support and encouragement of so many, this idea became a full-fledged organization attracting funding from some of Silicon Valley’s most experienced investors and foundations. After working in a close partnership with SOS for three years, HandUp was acquired by SOS on November 1, 2017. Lighthouse continues to use HandUp today as a part of our mission to raise awareness.

HandUp Detroit is a collaborative of nonprofits in Metro Detroit. The collaborative was started by SOS in September 2016 through the help of two grants totalling $100,000 from the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan and the McGregor Fund. The collaborative works together across city and county lines to more effectively remove barriers to stability for those experiencing poverty in our community. The nine agencies that currently comprise HandUp Detroit have raised over $310,000.