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Success Stories


Stephen reached out to many shelters but was unable to find an organization that could help, until he came across Lighthouse…[Read More]


Shamerah found herself homeless after returning to Michigan, but was able to get back on her feet with the help of Lighthouse …[Read More]


Cassandra has worked so hard to go from homeless to permanently housed, and she has many goals for her future…[Read More]


Before finding South Oakland Shelter (SOS), Darius was struggling with mental health issues due to…[Read More]


Before finding South Oakland Shelter (SOS), Beatrice was living with her daughter and her granddaughter…[Read More]

Michelle and Kylie

When Michelle and Kylie found themselves homeless due to Michelle’s health issues, their lives were turned upside down…[Read more]


Prior to entering the SOS emergency shelter Dorothea was living with a friend with whom she had a troubled relationship…[Read More]


Before finding South Oakland Shelter (SOS), Chris was sleeping at bus stops and wondering what life had to offer…[Read More]


Before finding South Oakland Shelter, Rick was living with a friend who enabled his drug use and dependency…[Read more]


Quentin struggles with some of his family not accepting his LGBTQ identity. This made for a difficult living situation that he eventually decided needed to end…[Read More]