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Client Spotlight

Before finding South Oakland Shelter (SOS), Beatrice was living with her daughter and her granddaughter.

In December, they were given notice that the house was being sold and that they had a month to move out. With such short notice, Beatrice and her family were unable to find somewhere new to live and they found themselves living in a motel. After calling for three days, the family was able to enter SOS and start to regroup.

Christina had been in the program two years ago when Trina was an infant. I was living out of town at the time. She recommended we try SOS, as staying at a motel was becoming infeasible. Once I got over the initial pity party, I began to think about why  God would allow this for my life. Trusting God, I have begun to think this is something that He wanted me to go through with my daughter to help her to begin to trust Him too.  We came in together, but I plan on finding somewhere to live independently of her. I want her to become independent and to go on with her life with her baby,” Beatrice shared.

SOS helped Beatrice move into an apartment building for seniors that fit her budget and lifestyle. Beatrice now has a stable and permanent home and is enjoying being part of the senior living community.

I am just thankful to God that SOS came into being. It’s amazing how necessary the agency is. I’m thankful that the churches that have volunteered and signed up to make the program work-everyone has just been so kind, so giving, and I can see the hand of God working through His people. It’s such a warm gift that keeps on giving.”