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Client Spotlight

Cassandra, who is 57 years old, recently lost her fiancé. Unfortunately, after his death, she found herself homeless. She called Lighthouse and was able to enter the emergency shelter program. From there she entered into a senior subsidized housing program where she is housed currently with an affordable rent. Thanks to Gardner White, the apartment that Cassandra moved into was fully furnished for her.

Cassandra was housed at the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, which allowed her to safely stay in one place. She is also provided with food assistance, which is delivered directly to her due to her health conditions. She has just entered the follow-up care program and is beginning to explore education and training opportunities, as she has a goal to get into online sales and potentially start her own business. Cassandra is hoping to gain her associates degree in business. Another one of her goals is to be able to start putting money aside to buy a vehicle. Lighthouse frequently checks in on Cassandra to make sure she is thriving in her Economic Mobility Program.

“Don’t let a disability stop you from achieving your goals. There are resources out there and Lighthouse will help you find them. Don’t have any doubt in Lighthouse.”