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Client Spotlight: Dorothea

Prior to entering the SOS emergency shelter Dorothea was living with a friend with whom she had a troubled relationship. She was tired of relying on others and consistently having family and friends betray her trust. 

“I just feel like family and friends always used me and I didn’t want to go back to that. When I entered the shelter I was feeling very depressed. I cried all day every day, but I pushed through because there was no option to turn back,” Dorothea reflected.

“I am a Masters of Social Work student at Wayne State University and my advisor suggested I call SOS. She encouraged me and said I could be a success story if I just stick it out, and so that’s what I did. Now I feel so relieved. The staff at SOS is so great. When I cried, my case manager did not cry with me. She told me I have to push through, that I am so close to success and I can’t give up. The staff were so encouraging and helpful and it’s such a change from what I was used to. It gave me hope that I could have a better life.”

Dorothea received a section 8 voucher and moved into her own housing in mid-February. She is continuing to complete her masters degree and is enrolled in the SOS follow up care program.