Client Spotlight: Michelle & Kylie2017-09-12T14:38:46-04:00

Client Spotlight

“I battled cancer and as a result wasn’t able to go back to work in the sales industry. It resulted in two years of homelessness for my daughter and me. SOS not only helped to get us resources for housing, but they also provided emotional support and stability. Now that we are housed things are going great for us,” said Michelle.


When Michelle and Kylie found themselves homeless due to Michelle’s health issues, their lives were turned upside down. They didn’t have their belongings that made them feel comfortable and they couldn’t do the things they loved like play games and watch movies. When they arrived at South Oakland Shelter, their lives started to improve.

“Having the stability of SOS really helped us. Having the structure, having a place to go each night, having the weekly case management meetings on what we needed to focus on was very helpful.”

SOS was able to provide a stable and safe temporary shelter, resources for finding housing, and assistance in applying for disability for Michelle. Now the two are in their own home and it has allowed them to thrive, not just survive.

“All of the staff at SOS were very nice, compassionate, and knowledgeable about what resources were out there and what was available to me. Finding a home just relieved all the stress and constant, daily worries I had. And it has allowed Kylie to excel in school, dance lessons, and cheerleading. We are so grateful for everything, and despite the circumstances, we look back on that time fondly for the kind of time it was.”