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Client Spotlight: Quentin

“This place gives you the courage and opportunity to really be yourself. It has brought my spirit up and made my life better. I even met my best friend here, and that wouldn’t have happened without SOS.” -Quentin

Quentin struggles with some of his family not accepting his LGBTQ identity. This made for a difficult living situation that he eventually decided needed to end. For six weeks prior to entering the SOS shelter he was sleeping from house to house with friends but it was a taxing and tiresome way of life.

“When I entered the shelter, I felt lost, lonesome, and helpless. I felt like I didn’t have anyone,” he reflected. 

After just a month of being in the emergency shelter, Quentin’s outlook has totally flipped. He has been able to get his job back as a dietary aid at a nursing home because he has reliable transportation now, and he is working towards finding his own housing. 

He credits the SOS staff and volunteers for helping him get back in good spirits: The SOS staff and volunteers have really made me feel a lot better. I am so stoked and grateful to be here now… Plus, the rotating shelter is kind of fun! We go to new churches and cities every week. It allows us to learn the area really well, to travel, and to experience new places that we never would go to otherwise. And we really appreciate the volunteers. They do everything for us out of the kindness of their hearts. If it wasn’t for them this would be very hard. We are all so grateful for their help.”