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Client Spotlight

Before finding South Oakland Shelter (SOS), Rick was living with a friend who enabled his drug use and dependency.

After the Great Recession hit in 2008, Rick was suddenly let go from the job he’d held since high school. He worked a succession of odd jobs but it wasn’t enough to make ends meet. He ended up staying with a friend in what quickly became a toxic environment. In April 2015, Rick decided something needed to change. He entered a treatment facility for his addiction and stayed in a series of shelters. Rick entered SOS hoping to find the help and support he needed to find housing.

“I love finding the beauty in everything. I may not have made the best choices in my life but I’m glad I’m in a place now where I can reach out to others to make healthy choices, and impact others in a more positive way. Moving forward, I hope to stay sober and healthy for the rest of my days, and maybe take a vacation to see new places, ” Rick shared.

SOS helped Rick move into an apartment building with his Section 8 Voucher. He now has a stable and permanent home and is enjoying being part of his community. Rick also celebrated three years of sobriety April 21st.

“Now that I am stably housed, I would like to focus on my health and my continued sobriety. I am excited to finally have a place to call home and have all of my effort pay off. Eventually, I would love to start volunteering and giving back what’s been freely given to me.”